A prophetic silence

Carmel is a sign of  the presence of God in the heart of humanity, in the here and now. 

Carmel is characterized by a prophetic speech but above all, by prophetic silence. Through this silence, God speaks to human beings here and now. The freedom of speech characterizes the prophet. It's the Word of God which is given to the prophet. This freedom is given by God and it guides the profet, often in a direction away from the mainstream. This freedom can be troubling "are you he that troubles Israƫl?" (1 Kings 18,17).This question was meant for the prophet Elijah.

Carmel is a testimony by silence. A prophetic silence. "Therefore the prudent shall keep silence at that time" (Amos 5,13). It's the silence of someone who watches in prayer and remains with God day and night. As the prophet Elijah did.

Silence attracts a person into the heart of God, the source of God's infinite love.The living God always gives us the possibility to make a fresh start. The living God implores us again and again to receive God's love.

Carmel is given in and for God.

Carmel is given in and for humanity.

In a prophetic silence...

And after the fire, a whistling of a gentle air... (1 Kings 19, 12)