In the heart of humanity

A Carmel in the heart of the city ?

The history of Carmel is developping between the mountains, desert and the city.

The prophet Elijah had to go to the desert, then climb the mountain, then go to the city and then again to the desert and again to the city.

Teresa of Avila has founded monasteries in towns, but she often talked about the desert. She wanted to go back to the origin: the hermits of Mount Carmel. However... she has always founded monasteries in towns.

It's a same contemplative vocation but "in the heart of the city" stresses the visible prophetic mission of Carmel. Now, in a time where this kind of signs is seldom seen.

The city of the 21st century is not a quiet place. Living Carmel in the 21st century is a real challenge. It's a long route, without definitive solutions.

But He goes before us .. (Mark 16, 7)